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OPEN GATE 2017 Sachiko M 2

最後になるかもしれない OPEN GATE 2017 が無事終了しました。制作期間を入れると12日間、みんなを出迎え、見送り、私はまだ札幌にいる。残された記録が流れる中で。



そう、最後にはならない。終わらせる必要もない。またどこかの GATE を開ければいい。



Asian Sounds Research の旅は、これまでどうり彷徨いながらいろいろなものを吸収し、吐き出し、息をするように密やかに続けていけばいい、大きくもなれば小さくもなり、それなりのやり方で旅を続ければいい。なんかそう思えてきた。とりあえず3年間彷徨いながら、共に彷徨う彼らに出会えたことだし。


米子匡司、水内義人、chi too、Adam Kitingan、WinWin、さや、植野隆司、上原なな江、大友良英、樋口勇輝、渡部勇介、Frida、PIKA、モバイルアースオーブン(安斎伸也)、中崎透、船川翔司、西谷充史、黒岩可奈、厨子翔平、野地真隆、、


新たに風を巻き込みながら、とりあえず GATE は閉じない事にしておきます。


See you at Next GATE

Asian Sounds Research プロジェクトディレクター

OPEN GATE 2017 キュレーター&ディレクター

Sachiko M

OPEN GATE 2017 Sachiko M

photo by Yusuke Watanabe 、Win Win

Going To The Next GATE

OPEN GATE 2017, possibly the last of it, has ended without any trouble. In the twelve days including the preparation days, I had welcomed and then sent off the members. I am still here in Sapporo, with the stream of memories left within me.

Everyday from Sept.15th through the 18th, we repeatedly got into the car and carried in and out the artworks. The exhibition and the performance had no boundary whatsoever, the untouched sound and people blending into each other in the same atmosphere, sharing the space and amusing each other. And then nothing was left behind.

The days felt like a small stop in a never-ending journey that existed nowhere, destined to nowhere.

Yes, this will not be the end. We don’t need to end it. We can just open a different GATE somewhere else.

“From nothing,” “to nothing.”

Creating artworks, making sounds, preparing and then clearing things away. A small stop amid the journey, unintentionally mingling, and then simply leaving.

The journey of Asian Sounds Research can quietly continue on, just like it has, roaming about, absorbing and exhaling various things as if breathing. It can become big and small, continuing on the journey in its natural manner. I think it can be like that. At the least, I’ve wandered for three years and found other fellows to roam about with.

Not new nor old, crossing over borders and genres, exchanging our roles, it will continue to engulf more people and things, afloat as always.

Tadashi Yonago, Yoshihito Mizuuchi, chi too, Adam Kitingan, WinWin, Saya, Takashi Ueno, Nanae Uehara, Otomo Yoshihide, Yuki Higuchi, Yusuke Watanabe, Frida, PIKA, Mobile Earth Oven (Sinya Anzai), Tohru Nakazaki, Shoji Funakawa, Atsushi Nishitani, Kana Kuroiwa, Shohei Zushi, Masataka Nochi…

The wanderers that roamed with me this time.

Swallowing up the new wind, I’m not yet going to close the GATE.

If you ever encounter our journey again somewhere, do cast us your kind eyes.

See you at the Next GATE.

Asian Sounds Research Project Director

OPEN GATE 2017 Curator & Director

Sachiko M


The footsteps of those who has gone after “OPEN GATE 2017” can be seen at the “OPEN GATE archive room” at TOOV cafe/gallery.

It is an ever-changing documentation, the road to the unknown for those left behind. It will be held until Oct.1st, and the rest will be continued here at this site.

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