OPEN GATE 2017 Blog

いよいよ本日15時、OPEN GATE 2017 OPENします。お約束どうりスタート時間の15時、会場である石山緑地には何もありません。メンバーが車で会場入りするところから、「何もないところから」スタートします。

蚊が発生したり、雨が降ったり、冷え込んだり、かといえば薄日が石の崖を優しく照らしたり、丘の上の季節の移ろいの中、日々変化する環境はまさに「動き続ける」私たちに呼応するかのよう。そしてその中で一から始める、これが今回のテーマ、start from here。

最後になるかもしれない OPEN GATE の幕開けはもうすぐそこにせまってます。

今は夜中の1時、数日間の準備期間で制作作業しながら、すでに作品が生まれたり消えたりしています。その続きは荷造りして車に乗せて、15時〜18時半の間だけ石山緑地で繰り広げられます。ある意味そっけない、でも凛と静かな空間で、冷んやりとした空気の中、いったい何が起こるのか、毎度の事ながら全貌は全く見えない、予測不能な OPEN GATE 2017。


OPEN GATE 2017、何もないところからの始まりと終わりの始まり、みなさまのお越しをお待ちしております。何のお構いもできないかもしれませんが。

The day has come. OPEN GATE 2017 will OPEN today at 3PM. As promised, when the show starts at 3PM, there will be nothing at the exhibition site, Ishiyama Open Space. With the members driving in their cars to the location, the show will literarily begin from “nothing.”

The mosquitos, the falling rain, the sudden coldness, or sometimes the soft sun gently lighting the stone cliff… The top of the hill shows us a different face each day under the seasonal changes, and it’s like it’s responding to our “ever-changing” project. Building in this environment from scratch, “starting from here,” is our main theme for the present project.

The beginning of which could be the last of OPEN GATE is almost there.

It is 1AM now. There’s already been artworks that were born and had gone in the past few days of preparation. Those that remained have been packed up onto the cars and will be extended on between 3PM and 6:30PM at Ishiyama Open Space. As usual, I can’t tell what will happen in this frigid and quiet atmosphere, in its cool, cold air. OPEN GATE 2017 is unpredictable.

The only thing I can say is that everything that will rise during the next four days will be something that will never recur, something special, precious and odd. The moments that can only be created by these specific participating members.

OPEN GATE 2017 is the beginning departing from nothing, as well as the beginning of an end. Though we may not be able to show any hospitality, we’re looking forward to see you there.