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Asian Sounds Researchは、国際交流基金アジアセンターとP3 art and environmentが2014年度から2017年度にかけて共催した音楽交流事業「アンサンブルズ・アジア」の一部門として実施しました。

Asian Sounds Research was conducted from the FY 2014 to 2017 as one of the projects of ENSEMBLES ASIA, a program on music exchange, organized by The 
Japan Foundation Asia Center and P3 art and environment.

「OPEN GATEの部屋」そしてOPEN GATE 2017 “OPEN GATE archive room” and OPEN GATE 2017

9 Sep 2017

Asian Sounds Research 3年間の記録を展示したアーカイブ展「OPEN GATE の部屋」がオープンしました。2014年マレーシア、ペナン島を彷徨い歩き、無謀にも「動き続ける展覧会」と題した「OPEN GATE」を翌年同地にて開催、その後の昨年の「OPEN GATE 2016」、今年3月に行ったカンボジアリサーチ、、、、。たった3年ですが、こうやって流れ続ける映像を観ながら、聴こえてくる音のかけらを聴きながら、あまりに多くて選ぶのが大変だった写真を眺めながら、旅の欠片の作品たちと戯れながら、、思う事はただ一つ。この旅、、もう少し続けたかったな、、という事。実はこの後の行き先は決まっておりましたが、すぐに実現するのは難しくなりました。理由は、、、よくある話です。


私事ですが、ここ3週間ほど腰が痛く、毒なのか罰なのか、、大切に準備してきた OPEN GATE 2017 直前となった今、痛み止めを打ち、やっとの思いでこうして書けるようになり、明日からここ札幌にやってくるメンバーに思いを馳せながら、最後の開催になるかもしれない OPEN GATE をさて、どうやって締めくくろうか、そんな事を何も始まっていないのに考えております。


残された記録がここまでまとまり、こうしてアーカイブ展として開催できた、このタイミングでの続きが曖昧なロードムービーではありますが、とりあえずの続きは、明日、メンバーが札幌入りするところから始まります。彼らが何をするのか、どんな事が起こるのか、どんな旅になっていくのか、それは旅先に行ってみないと分からないのと同じで、まだ姿は見えてません。ただその全ての出来事は、あり方そのものが旅のようである Asian Sounds Research のロードムービーの一つ一つのシーンとなっていく。これは誰よりも私が観たい、聴きたいと思っている。



そんな有様の一部始終が 9.15~18 の4日間、15:00-18:30まで繰り広げられます。屋根もなく、休む場所もあまりない石山緑地の奥でひっそりと、この時間帯にのみ行われ、そして何も残さず去っていく。




15日からの OPEN GATE 2017 、さて、どうなることやら。


何も残さない OPEN GATE 2017 と、残されたものたちの「OPEN GATEの部屋」。

行き来しながら、交差しながら、旅は続いていく。続きはなくとも。                                                                     そんな交差もお楽しみいただけるここ、札幌、石山緑地での OPEN GATE 2017、数日後にはここで何かが生まれては消えていく。







Photo by Yusuke Watanabe 



“OPEN GATE archive room” and OPEN GATE 2017



The archival exhibition capturing the past three years of Asian Sounds Research — “OPEN GATE archive room” — has opened.  We had roamed about in Penang Island, Malaysia in 2014, then held “OPEN GATE,” ambitiously titled “an ever-changing exhibition,” the following year at the same location.  “OPEN GATE 2016” was presented the year after, and then “Cambodia Research” in passing March…  It’s only been three years, but from watching the stream of videos, listening to pieces of sounds, gazing at the photos that were so difficult to choose from due to the mass of it, and mingling with the artworks, the fragments of the journey, there is only one thing that comes up to my mind; I wish we could have continued this journey, just a little longer.  The next destination was actually already set, however it could not be realized as soon as we had hoped.  The reason to that is the same old story.


It’s a personal matter, but my back has been hurting for the past three weeks and I can’t tell if its poison or punishment.  It’s days till the opening of OPEN GATE 2017, something we have prepared dearly for, and I’m getting shots of painkillers which barely lets me type this text, while I imagine of the members who will be joining me here in Sapporo tomorrow; wondering how we should finish what could be the last of OPEN GATE, all before anything has yet to begin.


The documents have been put together and we were able to showcase an archival show, and now… unfortunately the furtherance of this road movie is uncertain.  Nevertheless the near future will begin tomorrow when the members fly into Sapporo.  What will they do?  What will happen?  And how will this journey turn out?  The answers are unknown, just like the view from the destination is yet to be seen.  We only know that everything that will happen here will become scenes that create the Asian Sounds Research road movie, which is a journey in itself.  And I, more than anyone else, am wanting to see and hear this.


The surrounding situation this time around is, again, not particularly comfortable.  The artworks are carried in and back out every single day.  There is no sound system nor a stage.  Sounds afar will remain afar, some sound will inevitably be drowned out, and non-fixed pieces will continue to wander about without a destined spot.  The night brings the chills and the biggest enemy at the moment is, how could we have guessed, the mosquitos.  


Under such environment, the exhibit will be shown in its whole for four days, Sept.15th through Sept. 18th between 3PM and 6:30PM.  Without a roof and not many resting places, it will quietly take place in the depth of Ishiyama Green Space, existing only between the appointed time only to disappear without leaving anything behind.

The way it is held may be well suited for its finale, and we could possibly see what lies beyond the “gate” that does not need to close.


So my thoughts spins away like that, but the artists will only begin their creation when they join us here, so as of now I am clueless.  The framework is here but still empty.  From here, the unseen will begin to be seen, heard and start to take form… Changing their shapes, those that will disperse, those that will stay, all will continue on, ever-changing. 

Well, I wonder what will happen in OPEN GATE 2017, starting on the 15th.


“OPEN GATE 2017,” that which will not leave anything behind, and “OPEN GATE archive room,” a room full of archives.

Going back and forth, crossing over, this journey will continue on whether or not there is a sequel to it.

OPEN GATE 2017 at Ishiyama Green Space, Sapporo, will be a place where you can witness such crossovers.  In a few days, things will be coming to life and disappearing at this very place.


The members are coming in tomorrow.


Rain is starting to fall now.


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