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I find myself looking up at the sky these days.

OP 2016 Sa

One by one, the members had left Okazaki, and I will too, leave tomorrow. Our 10 days of preparation and 5 continuous days of performance, I cannot tell if they were short or long. The harsh sunbeams of the Okazaki CIBICO rooftop, the wind sometimes so violent that we can’t keep straight, the peeling white floor, the sunset, the whirling of the fan, the birds, the airplanes, the cloud, the sky — I know they will all continue to be here in their space, but I do admit I am a little emotional, knowing we will no longer be together to wander here. Yet somehow I am not at all sad. The days were good, anyhow. It was a vague, marvelous, and nameless “destination” that belonged to no particular season or country. I’m sure it was tough for the members who had just met each other to share one space to create, sometimes under wind and rain, and I’m sure it was inconvenient to perform without any sound system. Everyone was forced to undergo a circumstance that can hardly be said as comfortable, and we had almost lost our way of knowing what to do. Even so, I felt that the days of producing numerous, diverse scenes in this environment was an unequaled and phenomenal experience for everyone. OPEN GATE is heading to the next GATE with newly gained strength. Let’s meet again at another GATE. And now, It’s about time I start packing up.







OPEN GATE は、また新たな逞しさを得て、次のGATEを目指します。

またどこかの GATE でお目にかかりましょう。


写真:Win Win

Photograph: Win Win

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