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OP 2016 10/8 sa

深夜からの雨はあがり、着々と晴れ間がこちらにむかいつつある、岡崎。10月1日からの5日間の作品準備、その後3日間のパフォーマンスを終え、残りあと2日を残すのみ。この空間で、このメンバーで作り上げている「OPEN GATE 2016」は終わりに向かいつつあります。ここシビコさんの従業員休憩室をお借りして、今は粛々と昨夜のパフォーマンス写真を我がASR「OPEN GATE 2016」公式フォトグラファーである渡部勇介と、ペナン島から招待したWinWinがセレクト中。それをすぐさま、私がこのサイトにUPしていきます。限られた時間であるからこその迅速、かつ、誠実であり、でもなぜかゆったりとしたこの流れ作業の流れ方が、とても心地いい。




The rain that began late last night had stopped, and the blue sky is slowly heading towards us in Okazaki. With 5 days of preparation from Oct. 1 and 3 days of performance gone, we only have 2 days left. The “OPEN GATE 2016” we are creating in this space, with these members, is nearing to the end. We’re borrowing one of CIBICO’s staff room now, where Yusuke Watabe, our official photographer of ASR “OPEN GATE 2016”, and Win Win, a guest from Penang Island are quietly selecting photographs from our last night’s performance. I am next to them uploading them onto this site right as they select. Having a limited amount of time brings forth this prompt yet conscientious flow of work, that’s somehow also calm, and it is very soothing.

It’s still the morning, and not everybody is here. Lunch is served around 1PM by the Nishi-yan & Kana-chan pair who cooks delicious meals for us everyday, with limited tools they can lay their hands on. Everybody happens to be here by then.

The ones who are not here could be up at the rooftop trying something out or frolicking around… Or maybe out blending into the town of Okazaki… but then I might find them at the back, napping or creating something — I’m guessing this in-and-out feel we share comes from spending a not-so-dense but a fair amount of this peculiar time together.

So, we’re not together all of the time, but the members from various places are each in their own ways sensing this invisible yet definite ‘something’. Or so I think. I’m not too sure… but we are just continuing to wander (or should I say, continuing to work endlessly) with a good vibe. There isn’t a border in our English/Japanese communication now, everything is mingled far above the term “cultural exchange” in our big flow, and its end is near.

写真:Win Win

Photograph: Win Win

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