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As usual, everyone is working quietly on their own today. The sun reflects harshly against the white floor, and guests from Malaysia are experiencing a funny phenomenon: getting sunburnt day after day, here in Okazaki, Japan in mid autumn. The outdoor-tolerant Malaysian guests continue their progress, walking bare feet, sprawled out, or squatting down not minding the wet floor. It’s hotter than I thought it would be, it feels like the summer had decided to continue. As far as photographs go, I cannot tell what country or which season we are in with every little thing among the whiteness creating their own unique atmosphere. This place is becoming an adventurous wonderland. We stay inside during rain, test the wind when they blow, wear sunglasses against the sun and enjoy the drift of the sun-setting sky. Being atop of a slick white building I thought the process might be a little more urban, but I guess this Penang Island-born OPEN GATE is destined to have somewhat of an Asian feel to its space… I still haven’t grasped the full picture of the exhibition. The unseen preparation continues on and on.



白いビルの屋上なのでもう少し都会的になるかと思ったけど、ペナン島生まれのこのOPEN GATEは、、やはり、、、どこかアジアの空気漂う独自の空間になるのだろうか、、。しかし未だ全貌見えず。。


OP 2016 10/4 sa

写真:Win Win

Photograph: Win Win

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