ASEANでのリサーチ先で出会った各地の作家、国内からの作家、音楽家がここ岡崎に集結し、「あいちトリエンナーレ2016」のパフォーミングアーツ部門の一つとして、「OPEN GATE 2016」を開催する運びとなりました。






It’s been a while since my last entry. I’m now in Okazaki, getting ready for the next GATE to OPEN.

Artists from various places we’ve met through our ASEAN research, along with Japanese artists and musicians are gathered here in Okazaki to exhibit “OPEN GATE 2016” as a part of Performing Arts division of “Aichi Triennale 2016”.

Our venue this time is the rooftop of CIBICO, a department store in Okazaki. It is not used normally and people are not allowed to be up here.

The venue’s floor is painted white (which was painted for the last Triennale, so from 3 years ago) that peels away and adds a nice touch every time we visit. It is also very, very spacious. The wind blows through this roofless space a little too well which is refreshing, but not for a long time. At a venue like this, artists with their creation are the first ones to begin their process.

The musicians will join us in a few days. Once they do, what will be seen and heard in-between the “music” and the “arts”? The now ample, windy, roofless place from where all we can see is the sky — what will this rooftop go through?

The answer is unknown to me as well. If I could thoroughly present the situation itself, of sharing with others to create a space, by “slowly walking” which I had learned during my previous stay at Penang Island…

I am aiming to do so.

OP 2016 10/2 po

写真:渡部勇介の写真をSachiko Mが撮影

Photograph: Yusuke Watabe, shot by Sachiko M.