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It’s been five months since my last visit to Kuala Lumpur(KL). I’m writing this journal at a hotel close to the central market where many buses pass by, and there is a very loud road construction going on right in front of me.As the director of Asian Sounds Research, I am the only one that came to research this time.I am beginning my research on Malaysia and Cambodia. This trip is to seek possibilities for a future Open Gate.

First is Malaysia. I’m performing at the KLEX FESTIVAL held by Kok Siew-Wai, the voice artist of KL who participated in Open Gate in June. Takuro Mizuta aka DJ sniff, who is the director of Asian Music Network is coincidentally participating as well, to screen a film and also to perform. I guess we can say there are two dispatched representatives from Ensembles Asia.We exchanged some information in this lucky coincidence. We are both directors traveling around, and Takuro lives in Hong Kong, so we don’t get to meet in Japan so much. This encounter turned out to be a time just what we wanted.

At this festival, they first screen a film, and after that improvised performances begin on the floor above at the same building. Some performances go along with the films, and some are simply just musical performances. I played along with a documentary film of the performance “Silent Movie with Silent Sounds (A silent movie with improvised music)”, which was one of the events held during OPEN GATE in Penang back in June. The performers in the film are Kok Siew-Wai, Tadashi Yonago, and myself. It documented us performing outdoors at night while a film was being screened. Most of what can be heard were the insects chirring, cars driving by, wind blowing, birds crooning, and our pianissimo performance that infiltrated into the perpetually floating resonance within the vast room of Hin Bus Depot where the performance was held. Similar to such performance, I hid my new sounds within the mnemonic sounds of the film that prompted memories from Penang, OPEN GATE, and Hin Bus Depot in June.

I have reports on this festival, but I actually had a different encounter prior to the festival that links to a different GATE. I will write about this first.I landed in KL very late on the 26th (early 27th), and soon was met by Eleanor Goh, an artist and co-manager of an art space in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. She was in KL for work and took the trouble to lengthen the stay to meet me. She talked about the art scene in Kota Kinabalu, and above all about the relationship between Malaysia as a country and the Sabah province (I’m not sure if “province” is the right expression) where she resides. Her side of the story with the circumstances made prominent by the distance of South China Sea separating the lands. I have not yet fully understood, but I was intrigued. I could sense that she is very proud of SABAH, and she told me many curious stories of Kota Kinabalu that made me want to visit there any day.

Having a project name as “Asian Sounds Research”, we are often misconceived as a project that studies sounds, and maybe she thought likewise before she met me. But she’s read our OPEN GATE site and felt the feeling of what we were trying to achieve, so when I told her I was looking for artists — not limited to sound players, but those who create materialistic pieces that make nice sounds, she grasped my idea quite easily. Kota Kinabalu seems to offer provoking “sound materials” and artists who create pieces with them. She was at least one of them.

Kota Kinabalu, SABAH, and Eleanor. These three keywords were indeed valuable clues that were to connect to the next GATE.

As OPEN GATE in Penang was birthed from the research on Penang, our research as ASR is to bring a new GATE to OPEN through ideas drawn from the destination and its community. And within that GATE, we resonate “SOUND”. The easy answer to why we entwine sound is because I am a musician, but because SOUND is one thing that you need to be present at the moment to hear. So, if my going to Kota Kinabalu allow new ideas to arise, then the sound that is heard there may OPEN a new GATE.But for now, I’m leaving KL and heading to Cambodia tomorrow. I have no idea what’s there or who’s there yet.And… today I had another important meeting.I saw one of the guest artists from OPEN GATE, chi too. As we talked, there were topics on Kota Kinabalu, and my main aim, about the next GATE. I’ll talk about this some other time.Anyhow, the unpredictable Cambodia research starts tomorrow.



今回のリサーチは Asian Sounds Research (ASR)からはディレクターである私一人。

マレーシアとカンボジアのリサーチの始まりである。今後の GATE OPEN の可能性を探る旅。

まずはマレーシア、6月の OPEN GATE に参加してくれたKLのヴォイスアーティストKok Siew-Waiが主宰するKLEX FESTIVAL に出演。なんとAsian Music Network のディレクターDJ sinffこと水田氏も映画と演奏で参加している。ENSEMBLES ASIAの派遣員2名ってところかしら。


このフェスは映画を上映してから同じビルの上の階で夜遅くから即興音楽系の演奏が始まる。映画と絡む演奏もあり、純粋に演奏だけもありだが、私はここでソロ演奏を6月のペナン島でやった展覧会 OPEN GATE の中で行ったイベントのひとつ「Silent Movie with Silent Sounds」(サイレントムービーとの即興演奏)を撮影したパフォーマンスドキュメンタリームービーと一緒に演奏をする、という事をした。ムービーの中の演奏者は今回の主催者 Kok Siew-Wai 、米子匡司、そして私。野外の夜の暗闇の中での映画の上映と共に演奏したものである。だから主に聴こえるのは虫の鳴き声、車の音、風の音、鳥の声、会場であるHin Bus Depot の広すぎる空間に漂い続けた音の中に紛れ込むような小さな音での演奏。今回もそれに合わせ、聴いただけでふわっと6月のペナンの、OPEN GATEの、Hin Bus Depot の、全ての記憶を思い起こさせる音の中に自分の音を潜ませた。

このフェスに関しての報告もあるのだが、実はフェスの前に別の GATE に繋がる出会いをしたので、こちらを先に書いておく。

日本から26日深夜(27日早朝)にKLに到着し、早々に会ったのがマレーシア、コタキナバルのアーティスト兼アートスペースを共同で運営している Eleanor Goh(エレノア)さん。仕事でKLに来ていた彼女はわざわざ私の到着まで滞在を延ばしてくれていた。

彼女からコタキナバルのアートシーンの事などを聞く、そしてそれよりも何よりもマレーシアという国と彼女の住む SABHAという州(という解釈になるのだろうか)との話。South China Sea を挟みその距離を感じざるを得ないような様々な状況を SABHA にいる彼女の側からの話。まだ十分理解しきれていないけど、興味深い。それと同時に彼女は SABHA に誇りを感じているように思え、コタキナバルについてもすぐにでも行ってみたくなるような魅力的な話をたくさんしてくれた。

うちのプロジェクトの名前が Asian Sounds Research なので「音」に関する「研究」でもするのかと勘違いされる事もあり、彼女も最初はそのように思っていたかもしれない、でも彼女は「OPEN GATE」のサイトをみて、雰囲気をつかんでくれていて、だから私がアーティストを探していると言っても音を出す人に限らず、いい音が出るマテリアルの作品なんかでもいいんですよ、というような話をしたら何となく理解してくれた。いい「音の素材」がコタキナバルにはありそうである。そしてそれを使った作品を作っている作家がいそうである、なにより彼女がその一人だ。


ペナンでの OPEN GATE がペナンでのリサーチで生まれたように、訪問先と出会った人からの発想でまた新たな GATE を OPEN させていく、これが ASR のリサーチである、そしてそこに「音」を絡ませる。「音」を絡ませる理由は私が音楽家であるから、という事もあるのだが、「音」こそそこに行かないと聴こえてこない。だからコタキナバルに行き、何かアイディアが生まれそうになるのならば、そこから聴こえてくる音からまた新たな GATE を OPEN させる事が出来るかもしれない。



OPEN GATE 参加作家の一人、chi too に会う。彼の展覧会を見たり、話をしているうちに、コタキナバルの事も出たりした。そして彼との会議の一番の目的は次回の GATE について。この話はまた今度。

とりあえず、明日から何が起こるかわからないカンボジアリサーチ。GATE is OPEN !

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