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It is the final day of OPEN GATE. I am reporting from the Hin Bus Central Stage Special Secretariat.

It is the end. This will be the last time we will gather here and hear these sounds. We will close at 19:30, which is the time that the people who are fasting during Ramadan begin to eat.

The sun is shining strong today, and I think it will get hot. Actually it is already hot. It is hot, but we all want to be here as long as possible, so the members came early. They aren’t doing much; well some are doing a bit of work. It is the end, so if possible I don’t want them to do anything. Therefore, I came here early in order to make sure they don’t do anything.

Actually, I wrote a score on to the entrance.

A simple score, which the members who are non-musicians can take part of.

This is a photograph of our guestbook, which is actually a sine board. After I signed it, the signs continued to increase, so now we have three of these. We will paint them black at the end, and restore them to their original condition. We’ll try to do that before 19:30.

At the beginning I wrote OPEN GATE on to the entrance using white paint, and at the end we will paint everything black.

We will also restore the sound of the venue to it’s original condition. The sound of cars, the sound of a young neighbor taking a shower, the sounds of birds and the sound of the wind. If we can deliver the ears of someone to the sounds that were originally sounding at Hin Bus Depot, that might become part of the foundation of the Asian Sounds Research.

OPEN GATE 最終日です。今日もHin Bus 中央ステージ特設事務局よりお送りします。








始まりは入り口に OPEN GATE と白いペンキで書き、最後は全てを黒ペンキで。


Hin Bus Depot にもともとあった「音」を誰かの耳に届かせる事ができたら、それは Asian Sounds Research の一つの布石になる、、、のだろうか。

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