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The wind is strong. It stopped raining, and it’s a cloudy and cool day. And the wind is strong. The trees are shaking, and we can hear sounds from unexpected things because of this wind. Some of the pieces were damaged, probably because of the strong wind and also the rain from this morning, so every one is hanging out at the venue. A lot of different things are shaking much more than usual, making a lot of different sounds, so the venue seems a bit restless, but on the other hand the artists are no longer working. They are moving in a way that is different from the confused visitors that are wandering around to see this strange exhibition. I wonder if this imbalanced ENSEMBLE will keep going on until tomorrow’s ending? And what will we hear at the last moment?

Tadashi Yonago is right in front of me now. He is throwing Ping Pong balls in to a large bowl that is hanging from the ceiling. A lot of sounds are carried over here by the wind. I think I hear the the voices of an Adhan.

It seems that the wind will still be blowing for a while.






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