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Well now, I’m writing again from the center of the stage in Hin Bus.

It’s hot today. It’s very hot. The sun is shining very strong. Our main man Otomo Yoshihide, who is the artistic director of ENSEMBLES ASIA will be joining us today. He got quite exited when he saw the entrance and said “This is the entrance I saw on the web!” He began marking here and there with the wind chimes he brought over. However, we can’t hear them. Maybe the air is flowing too smooth. Doesn’t it seem like Tanabata (the Star Festival) when the wind chime is hung on to a tree? It went on like this, but what’s happening today? The sounds feel good. I can’t tell the difference, but a secret ENSEMBLE must have been coming to birth before anyone noticed it. Maybe there’s nothing left to do.

さてと、またもやHin Bus 中央ステージより。

今日は暑い。すごく暑い。日差しが強い。ENSEMBLES ASIA のアーティスティックディレクターである真打大友良英さんがファイナルゲストとして今日から参加。Hin Bus の入り口を見た途端「あ〜webで見てた入り口だ〜」と大興奮。大興奮しながら持参した「風鈴」をそこかしこにかけつつマーキング?でも風抜けが良すぎるせいか、、音が聴こえない。木にぶらさげると七夕?そんなこんなで今日はなんだろう?音が気持ちよい。なんの差なのかな、でもきっとそういう密やかな ENSEMBLE がきっと誰も気がつかないうちに生まれている。もうやるべき事はないのかもしれない。

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