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I can’t sleep. It is 3:55 in the morning in Malaysia. This must be the longest I’ve ever been awake. We have been working in the heat every day without taking any day off, and I have watched all of it through to the end. Either Yoshihito Mizuuchi or Tadashi Yonago was the longest to be at the venue. Hin Bus Depot generally opens from 12pm to 19pm without any holidays during their exhibitions, so we did ours in the same way, and intentionally did not arrange any holidays. This turned out to be a burden because I am sure the artists, the archivists, me and all the staff are quite exhausted. But it seems that they can’t stay away from the venue, and are still walking around doing this and that even though I told them “You don’t have to move anything anymore.”

Maybe we are all too nerved up about the ending, and are thinking too much about everything. Otomo says that he feels a lot of pressure because he came to participate in the middle of this situation, and I don’t blame him. Even I don’t have an idea how we will end.

It’s starting to rain.

I’m writing from the Nam Keng Hotel.



会場に一番長くいたのは、水内義人か、米子匡司か、、展覧会期中休みなく12時−19時まで開けるというHin Bus Depotの通常のやり方に沿い、定休日をあえてもうけかなったのがアダとなり、作家も記録も私も





Nam Keng Hotelにて

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