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June 16th. Silent Movie, Silent Sound

It must have been difficult for the archiving team today because Tadashi, Kok Siew-wai and I were walking around when we were performing as a improvised trio during the silent movie selected by Eeyan was being screened at the outdoor stage. We were neither following the movie or minding the audience that was gazing at the screen, and we just wandered around freely, playing and walking all over the large venue. Sometimes we played right behind the audience, and some times we played at a far place where no one could see us, but we still made sounds. We sometimes took brakes (well, I did, but I’m not sure about the other two), and then played again, making sounds secretly in the dark for an hour and twenty minutes. No one could hear the performance in the same situation. They could not see the performers. There were two photographers, two video shooters and also someone recording the sound, but I’m sure it will be impossible to reproduce the performance.

音(sound) inside 門(gate) forms the character “闇(darkness)”.

6月16日 サイレントムービーサイレントサウンド

こればかりは記録チームも難儀であろう、なんせ真っ暗の中、野外ステージでEeyanセレクトによるサイレントムービーを投影する中、うろうろ(としか言いようがない)と米子匡司、Kok Siew-wai、私によるトリオインプロビゼーション。映像にフォローするわけでもなく、画面を見るお客さんをよそ目に本当に自由にうろうろほっつき歩きながら、広い広い会場全体をくまなく歩き周りながら演奏。時にはお客さんの真後ろで、時には誰も見えない遠い場所で、それでも音は出す。そしてたまに休んだり(私は休んだが他の二人はどうだったかな、)そしてまた音を出しながら暗闇の中、密やかに音を出す1時間20分。




6月17日 うん、この日の事は後で書こう。ただ今は残された4日間で、最後にどうやって終わらせるのかじっくりじっくり考えたい。インプロビゼーションで一番大切なのはエンディングだと思っている。(一番好きなのはイントロなんだけど)だいたいインプロビゼーションを演奏し続けると一瞬の隙をみてグルーブ感が壊れたりする。グループ感=盛り上がるという事ではない、個々である事と共に奏でているという共有感がいい意味で生まれているが、と同時に別の意味でなにかのバランスが変わる瞬間がある。今日がその日なのかもしれない。



June 17th.

OK, I’ll write about today some other time. What I want to do for the next four days is to think over how we will conclude this exhibition at the end. I think that the most important part of an improvisation is the ending (although, my favorite part is the intro). When people continue to do an improvised performance, the groove tends to fall apart at some momentary interruption. The word “Groove” doesn’t mean “Getting exited”. While being individual, a sense of sharing is being made in a good way by playing together, but at the same time there comes a moment when the balance of something changes in a way that is different. Today might be that day.

To make it simple, I explain to people that this exhibition is “somewhat a composition to me”, but actually it isn’t a composition, it is an improvisation. So, what should I do. I was thinking about the last four days when I had this in mind.

Therefore, I wasn’t enjoying the exhibition.

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