I am writing again from the center of the stage inside Hin Bus.

Tadashi and Anabelle are working together in front of me. It seems that Anabelle wants to make something that is slowly spun by a motor, so Tadashi is helping her out with that motor. It’s a heartwarming view. The conversation between Tadashi, who usually doesn’t talk at all, and Anabelle who has a small voice is going on bit by bit, and I can hardly hear what they are saying.

Technically this is a sound installation, but something is being renovated at the back, so the sound of people working can also be heard. Well, I guess thats OK. It feels good to hear the sounds of people making something.

By the way, I wrote the letters in the photo in the same way as I wrote the letters OPEN GATE, which are put out at the entrance. I roughly scribbled white paint on to a black board. It is the logo mark for our Asian Sounds Research.

Yoshihito is trying to make sunburn tattoos that say 門(gate) or 音(sound) by placing stickers on to the arms of other people. It stopped raining, and I thought the weather was nice for the tattoos, but it’s becoming cloudy again. There isn’t enough rain for his other piece that needs rain, and it gets cloudy when we all need a tan. What do we call this? An opposite weather reporter?

Tadashi just came back rolling a wheel. I wonder what he is trying to do now?

今日もここHin Bus ステージのど真ん中より。






ちなみにこの文字は入り口のOPEN GATEと同じく黒いボードに白いペンキでざっくり書いた。

私たちAsian Sounds Researchのロゴマークである。