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Sounds Researching,

6月11日 さっき名文を打ったのに、、消えた。wifiが弱すぎる。。不安定すぎる。。


ここは会場の大きなステージのど真ん中。今は私しかいないけど、さっきまで同じテーブルで私達が勝手に「棟梁」と呼んでいるおじさんを中心に大工さん達がミーティングをしていた。Hin Busもまだまだ改良中なのである。なにやら木を切る音がする。遠くで雷がときおり鳴り、米子匡司の作品のビンをはじく音がかすかに鳴り響き、私の密ませたsinewavesもどこかで鳴っている。車の音、鳥の声、ここにいる全ての人のたてる「音」が最高のアンサンブルを作り出す。chi tooの作品(プチプチをひたすらレイヤーしていく)は誰かが歩くたびにプチプチいう。作品の音なのか作業の音なのか、この最高のサウンドインスタレーションに浸っていたら、Eeyanがドリアンを買ってきて、食べたいと言っていた水内、松本がやってきた。



I just wrote a great post but it disappeared. The wi-fi is too weak and unstable.

I wanted to write about the sounds that I hear now.

I’m in the center of the large stage inside the venue. I’m alone now, but the old man I call To-ryo (meaning master carpenter in Japanese) and his group of carpenters were having a meeting just a while ago. Hin Bus is still being renovated. I can hear something like a piece of wood being cut. The sound of thunder rolls from time to time at a distance, and the slight sound of Tadashi Yonago’s bottle piece being flicked is ringing. I can also hear the sinewaves that I’ve hidden somewhere. The sound of cars, birds and the sounds made by everyone at Hin Bus are forming an outstanding ensemble. chi Too’s piece (which covers the floor with layers of bubble wraps) is making popping sounds each time someone walks over it. I was immersed in this supreme sound installation made up by the sounds of each piece and the sounds of people working, and then Eeyan came back with a dorian, and Yoshihito and Mieko came over saying that they want to taste it.

After the oder of the dorian drifted in to the air, silence came back once again.

It is starting to rain.

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