The second day after the exhibition opening ended smoothly. The talk event was in some meaning like a first meeting of people who have different back grounds and do not have a common language. There was no interpreter, so we were communicating very frankly. The English level of each speaker was different, and their experience in speaking at talk events was also different. It went on like that for an hour. We invited an audience and had the speakers line up in front of them to talk, and I think that they were able to share their own thoughts because of this situation.

We talked about the concept of OPEN GATE, and Minoru Hatanaka, who was a guest speaker of this event talked about media art and sound art, and at the end we talked about how this new type of evolving exhibition ought to be and also about the Kanji character 門 (which means Gate). Therefore, I tried to talk a lot; well, it is definitely my job to explain about this exhibition.

I explained that I wanted to create a place were people can listen to sound, music, the live performances by the participating artists, and also can talk about art, make their own sounds and make something happen under the character 門. The venue for it is Hin Bus Depot, and it wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t meet their manager Eeyan.

What is between music and art is nothing special, and all the answers could be found in the performance that the Tenniscoats did. They walked along and visited each piece while they were performing. I walked through the pieces along with them, and I was utterly holding back my tears while listening to them perform.

The floor was covered by a large amount of bubble wraps, which actually is a piece made by the artist chi too from KL. People were making sounds during the performance when they walked over this piece.The sound was definitely passed on during this ENSEMBLE, and then the second night ended.




展覧会 OPEN GATE の趣旨、今回のトークゲスト 畠中実氏によるメディアアート、サウンドアートの話に加え、やはり最初はこの新型?展開型展覧会のあり方と「門」という字についての話になる。ということで私もかなり話をしてみました、いやこればかりは私が説明しないと始まらない。

「門という字のもとに、音について、音楽について、アートについて、参加作家の作品やらライブやらそんないろいろな出来事を起こしながら、耳を傾け、音を出し、話をする、そんな場所を作ってみたかった、そしてそれは会場であるHin Bus Depotがあり、マネージャーのEeyanに出会ったからだ」と。


実はすでに足元に次のゲストKL(クワラルンプール)からの作家chi tooの作品、大量のプチプチ(バブルラップというそうです、英語で)が敷き詰められ、人々はそれを踏み音が鳴り響く中、演奏は続く。共鳴しながら、共演しながら確実に音は引き継げられ、二日目の夜は終わった。