An ever-changing


早いもので、OPEN GATE Website 立ち上げから一ヶ月たちました。



このサイトオープンからの一ヶ月はすさまじく、やればやるほどやることが出てきてもはや現地に着いたらやること無くなるんじゃないか、というくらいの事をやっている。そんな出発前のカウントダウンの最中、サイトの更新にいそしんでいる。私は今回ディレクターというかキューレーターなので、むしろ今やるべき仕事が多い、あとは作家に任せるのみ。見守るのみ、でも口出しはする、なぜなら変貌させていく過程はきちんとディレクションせねば、これは私のアイディアで作家に戸惑わせている。行きたい道を、やりたい場所をそれぞれの話を聞きながら、みんなで話し合いながら、イベントやらゲスト作家とのつなぎやらをしながら、展覧会を動かし続ける。これから一ヶ月近く、私はみなと同じ場所に居続け、みなと同じく動き続ける。なんでこんな事をしたいのか、それは少し言葉で言えるようになってきたかもしれないが、おそらく答えは現場にある。そんな事をしたくなるんです、このジョージタウンの端っこにある HIn Bus Depot を中心に2回におよんだリサーチで出会った人々は。そしてそんな事に付きあってくれそうな人々を日本から招待しました。KLからも同じく。だから早くその人々が入れ替わり立ち替わり交差する日々を大切に作り上げていこうと、朦朧とした頭で考えております。



ポスター、チラシのデザインはHin Bus Depot のEeyan。


An ever-changing

Time flies by so fast, as in it’s already been a month since the OPEN GATE website has opened. It seems even faster because we will soon be heading to Malaysia, Penang Island and George Town. Twenty five days and twenty four nights, starting from the 1st of June. This is the stay schedule of the core members of the research team. I will stop by at KL (short for Kuala Lumpur; spelling it like this makes me feel like I’m Malaysian), so it will be an exact one month trip for me.

This whole month, after the opening of this website has been enormous. As much as we work, something new comes up to work on, and we are taking care of so much that I’m starting to think that we might not have anything to do once we arrive. We are doing a lot of updating for this website during our countdown to departure. I am the director, or rather the curator of this project, so a lot of my work needs to be done now, and the rest will be left for the artists. I will be watching over, but I will also be interfering because I have to direct the process of transfiguration. This is my idea and the artists are confused. I listen to what each of them have to say about which way they want to go and which space they want to use. We are all having discussions and are connecting the events to the guest artists. We are keeping the exhibition moving. I am staying at the same place as the others are, and will be constantly moving just like the others. Why do I want to do such a thing? I’m now able to explain this a bit by words, but the answer is probably at the actual scene. The people we met during the two time research that we did around Hin Bus Depot have the urge to do things like this. I invited people from Japan, who are willing to go through this. The same also from KL. So, what I am thinking now, in this hazy state of mind, is that I want to carefully create a time that will make these people cross over one after another.

OPEN GATE will soon be open.

*The photo above was took by Tristan, the KL publicity officer of the Japan Foundation.

The poster and flyer were designed by Eeyan from Hin Bus Depot. This poster is currently put up all around George Town. The photo below is by Eeyan.