26 Apr 2015



OPEN GATE の official website が OPEN しました!


このウェブサイトはこれから6月6日午後6時の 展覧会 OPEN にむけて随時記事が追加&更新されていきます。





動き続ける展覧会 / An ever-changing exhibition 







This website is also An ever-changing, hope you enjoy it !


Asian Sounds Research プロジェクトディレクター Sachiko M






The OPEN GATE official website is now open!


This website will frequently be updated and have articles posted for the exhibition opening on the 6th of June, 6pm.


We will also release information about the exhibition and other events while it goes on. Our concept for this website is the same as the exhibition; it will be changing throughout the whole exhibition period. 



An ever-changing exhibition


I hope you enjoy this website, which will transform along with the exhibition.


We are now preparing it, and will be very much looking forward to your visit. 


This website is also ever-changing. Hope you enjoy it!


Sachiko M / Asian Sounds Research Project Director








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Asian Sounds Researchは、国際交流基金アジアセンターとP3 art and environmentが2014年度から2017年度にかけて共催した音楽交流事業「アンサンブルズ・アジア」の一部門として実施しました。

Asian Sounds Research was conducted from the FY 2014 to 2017 as one of the projects of ENSEMBLES ASIA, a program on music exchange, organized by The 
Japan Foundation Asia Center and P3 art and environment.