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■ OPEN GATE  2016 Artist profile


■チ・トゥ chi too


Artist from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Born in1981, chi too is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice demonstrates an exploration of humour, satire, and visual poetics. It is at times difficult to say exactly what he does as an artist, largely because his artworks touch on a large spectrum of themes and issues. His practice vacillates between the high-minded and the frivolous, the social and the personal, the transparent and the esoteric.

■アダム・キティンガン Adam Kitingan


Multimedia artist from Kotakinabal in North Borneo. Kitingan is currently researching his native roots and reviving indigenous art and music. As a craftman, he feels that it is not enough to just research and collect artifacts. It is his duty to cultivate and expand the visual vocabulary of indigenous art.

■スヴォイ・サレス SVAY Sareth

1972年バタンバンに生まれ、現在はカンボジアのシェムリアップ在住。彫刻、インスタレーション、パフォーマンス、そして映像による作品は戦争や難民の生き方を想起させる ー 金属、軍服、迷彩柄などの素材や、多量の忍耐が必要とされる動きを用いる。彼の批評的、カタルシス的作風は自身の反体制的な活動を物語るところからを起点としているが、暴力に関する歴史的な独自性や暴力に関する傍観をあえて全面に出すことは求めていない。むしろ、彼の作品は現在と過去の数々の瞬間を行き来し、生き残りや冒険の過程や、力や無益といった概念から引き出されている。近年彼は論争の絶えない政治史に示唆を加える物体やモニュメントの転用を通して「現代もまた危険な時代である」という見解を提起している。

Artist from Siem Reap, Cambodia. Born in 1972 in Battambang and today lives and works in Siem Reap, Cambodia. SVAY’s practice in sculpture, installation, performance and video employs materials and processes intentionally associated with war and refugee life – metals, uniforms, camouflage and actions requiring great endurance. While his critical and cathartic practice is rooted in an autobiography of resistance, he refuses both historical particularity and voyeurism on violence. Rather, his works traverse both present and historical moments, drawing on processes of survival and adventure, and ideas of power and futility. More recently, Svay confronts the idea that “the present is also a dangerous time” through the appropriation of objects and monuments that hint at contentious political histories.

■ウィンウィン WinWin

マレーシア、ペナン島出身の写真家。ウェディングカメラマンとしての経験をもち、瞬間をとらえる熱心なフォトジャーナリスト。現在はAir Asia機内雑誌や『Foodsion Magazine』といった雑誌や広告会社などに作品を提供。学士取得後に写真の道へ進み、その最初の一歩はKuang Yee Bridal HouseのU-Smile Studioでの子供写真の記念撮影より始まった。また、大学で写真講義を、Nikon Penang, Malaysiaでは写真の講座を担当している。

Photographer from Penang, Malaysia. A passionate photo-journalist, capturing “moments”, with a background in wedding photography. Currently, WinWin is an associate photographer for editorial and advertising companies some of which are Air Asia inflight magazine, Travel3sixty, and Foodsion Magazine. She began pursuing a career in photography after earning her BFA, and began with children’s portraits at the U-Smile Studio of Kuang Yee Bridal House. She is also a lecturer at colleges and holds workshops at Nikon Penang Malaysia.

■米子 匡司 Tadashi Yonago


Trombone, piano player and a programmer. Yonago writes and performs music pieces using instruments and original automated devices. Besides music, he is also engaged in art and daily life, such as managing a house/free space FLOAT/PORT, creating vending machines and publishing zine YOSOMI. Yonago is also a member of an electronic improvisational ensemble SjQ and SjQ++. His most recent works are the Oto no Chizu (Map of Sound) series in which field recordings of city ambience and musical performance are mixed, according to city maps.


■水内 義人 Yoshihito Mizuuchi

美術家。大阪在住北海道生まれ。独自の視点と解釈で作られていくユーモアのある作風で展示やパフォーマンスを行い、国内外で活動している。他に自身の声のみを使った1人コントユニット「DJ方」、バンド「巨人ゆえにデカイ」、「おならオーケストラ」等も継続的に行っている。2010年、Asian Cultural Council の助成により、ニューヨークで半年間滞在制作を行う。自主レーベル「Mrs.triangle(ミセストライアングル)」運営、同名で自身の作業場にて立呑み屋も営業している。

Born in Hokkaido, now resides in Osaka. Mizuuchi presents exhibitions and performances both in Japan and overseas with his humorous style, created through his peculiar angle and interpretation. His continuous projects include a solo-voiceover comedy performance “DJ Po”, bands “Kyojin Yueni Dekai (Giant therefore Large)” and “Onara Orchestra (Fart Orchestra)”. In 2010, he launched his own spent 6 months in NY for an artist residency aided by Asian Cultural Council. Mizuuchi owns a music label, “Mrs.traingle”, and now also runs a bar in his studio under the same name.


■鈴木 昭男 Akio Suzuki

60年代に「音の自修イベント」を開始。70〜80年代、 創作音器によるパフォーマンスの時期を経て、90年代よりインスタレーションも手掛け、耳澄ますプロジェクト「日向ぼっこの空間」以後、音の作品「oto-date 」を世界各地で継続している。ドクメンタ8、ドナウエッシンゲン現代音楽祭、大英博物館、ザツキン美術館、AV・フェスティバルなど、過去数十年に渡り世界各地の美術展や音楽祭に招待されている。

Suzuki began “Oto no Jishu Event (Self-Study Events)” in the ’60s. Through the phase of performing with his original, self-made instruments during the 70’s and the 80’s, he began to create installations as well in the 90’s. After the attentive listening project, “Hinatabokko no Kuukan (Space in the Sun)”, he now continues to internationally perform a sound-dedicated project “oto-date (Echo point)”. In the past decades, Suzuki has been invited to many art exhibitions and music festivals internationally, including documenta 8, Donaueschingen Festival , British Museum, Zadkine Museum and AV Festival .

■相川 瞳 Hitomi Aikawa


Began learning the piano in her early childhood and continued to learn the percussion at the age of 16.

Aikawa is a graduate of the Music Department (Percussion Major), Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. In March 2007, she won second place in the DUO group of International Competition for percussion in Plovdiv, Bulgaria (no winner announced). She is a percussionist and a session musician engaged in recordings of various genres from contemporary music to musical scores.


■上原 なな江 Nanae Uehara


A graduate from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, raised in Katsushika, Tokyo. Uehara performs in orchestras, concert bands, and musicals. In 2009, she won 3rd place for the International Competition for percussion instruments in Bulgaria.

Recently, she is captivated in merging theatrical reading, contemporary dance and musical performance to reinterpret Japanese literature such as Yume Juya (Ten Nights of Dreams) by Natsume Soseki.


■植野 隆司 Takashi Ueno

ギタリスト。1996年よりヴォーカリストのさやとともに「テニスコーツ」のメンバーとして活動し、国内外のツアーやアルバム制作を展開。他、数々のセッションに参加。2013年にソロ作品のベストアルバム『ウエノタカシとは何か?』、2015年『Ueno 100songs』、2016年『MONTHLY UENO TAKASHI』、『Ueno Action』を発表。また2015年より、VICE JAPANのギタリストインタビュー番組『OFF STRINGS』でホストを努めている。2015年には初めて絵の展示を行い、2016年は『テニスコーツ』展を開催、多くのゲストを迎え自らと共演するライヴを展示の中で開催した。

Guitarist. He is a member of “Tenniscoats” along with Saya, and they have toured and produced albums internationally. He has participated in numerous sessions as well as in many groups. His recent solo works include “Ueno Takashi towa nanika? (What is Takashi Ueno?)”“Ueno 100 songs”, and 2 releases in 2016 which were “MONTHLY UENO TAKASHI” and an “Ueno Action”. He is also a host for a guitarist-

interview program “OFF STRINGS” presented by VICE JAPAN. In 2015, Ueno held his first drawings exhibition, and in 2016 the “Tenniscoats” exhibition was held where Tenniscoats performed live with various guests.


■さや Saya

ボーカル、キーボードを弾く。植野隆司のバンド「プカプカブライアンズ」に参加後、1995年、majikickレコーズを設立、約50作品をリリース。1996年より「テニスコーツ」のメンバーとして活動、国内外のツアーやアルバム制作を展開。他、数々のユニットやセッションに参加。2015~2016年「テニスコーツ」『Music Exists Disc1~3』などをリリース。また、うたのワークショップを行った。2015年、植野の初個展の中で「しろいものや」を展開。2016年は『テニスコーツ』展を開催、多くのゲストを迎え共演するライヴを展示の中で開催した。

Sings and plays the keyboard. After participating in Takashi Ueno’s band, Puka Puka Brians, she founded the label “majickick records” in 1995 and has since released roughly 50 records. She became a member of “Tenniscoats” in 1996 which has since toured and produced internationally. Saya has participated in numerous sessions as well as in many groups.

Tenniscoats’  “Music Exists Disc 1-3”  was released between 2015 and 2016. She also held voice workshops. In 2015 she exhibited “Shiroi Mono Ya (A shop of white things)” within Ueno’s first solo exhibition. In the 2016, “Tenniscoats” exhibition, they held live performances with guests quring the period.

■大友 良英  Otomo Yoshihide 

音楽家。 実験的な音楽からNHKの連続ドラマ「あまちゃん」の劇伴まで、その作風は多種多様、国の内外を問わず、様々な地域で活動してる。「プロジェクトFUKUSHIMA!」を立ち上げるなど、音楽におさまらない活動でも注目される。2014年アジアのミュージシャンのネットワークを作るアンサンブルズ・アジアのアーティスティックディレクターに就任する。2015年札幌国際芸術祭の芸術監督に就任。

Musician, “ENSEMBLES ASIA” Project Director.  Otomo’s style is widely varied from experimental music to composing soundtracks, such as nationally famous “Ama-chan”, a NHK TV program. He tours to various places,  both in Japan and overseas. He is also known for his engagements outside of music such as “Project FUKUSHIMA!” In 2014, he took the Artistic Director’s position of “ENSEMBLES ASIA” which aims to create a network between Asian musicians. He took on the Artistic Director’s position of Sapporo International Art Festival in 2015.


■Sachiko M/キュレーター&ディレクション Curater and Direction 

サインウェーブを使った電子楽器を演奏し世界的に活躍する即興音楽家。2003 年アルスエレクトロニカ・ゴールデンニカ賞受賞。サウンドインスタレーショ ン作品発表、写真集出版など活動が多岐にわたる中、NHK連続テレビ小説「あまちゃん」劇中歌の作曲に参加。「潮騒のメモリー」で第55回日本レコー ド大賞作曲賞受賞。以降ドラマの劇中歌を中心に作曲活動を開始。現在 "Asian Sounds Research" プロジェクトディレクターとして「音楽」と「美術」の間に切れ込む新たな形の発表を試み続けている。

Musician, Asian Sounds Research Project Director. An internationally active, improvisational musician utilizing electronic instruments such as the sine wave. Sachiko M received the Golden Nica prize in Ars Electronica, 2003. Her works are diverse, from sound installation to publishing photo books, and she has also participated in creating the scores for NHK TV program “Ama-chan”. “Shiosai no Memory”, the theme song of this TV program, won her the 55th Japan Record Award, and she has since worked on numerous TV program soundtracks. As the Project Director for Asian Sounds Research, she is ambitious to find a style of presentation that finds a new place in between music and art. 

■プロダクションマネジメント Production Manegement 

坂口千秋 Chiaki Sakaguchi


■映像記録  Video Photography

樋口勇輝 Yuki Higuchi

宮本 翔  Sho Miyamoto


■写真記録  Photography 

Win Win 

渡部勇介 Yusuke Watanabe 


■作品制作 Suport Staff

西谷 充史  Atsushi Nishitani

黒岩 可奈  Kana Kuroiwa

船川翔司   Shoji Funakawa 

三家 総一郎  Souichirou Mitsuya 

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